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Now announcing our new location in Baltimore, ND. Perfect Circle Truck Tires has opened a new location serving the Baltimore area with the best truck tires that you can get! So if you are in need of a truck tire supplier for your commercial business, we have you covered. Check out our website today at

Commercial Truck Tires
There are many components when it comes to truck tires. There is actually more to tires then they let on. Tires are made of many things and belts are one of them. Belts are composed of one or more piles or layers of rubber-coated nylon, steel, or polyester, or Kevlar. These materials fun around the tire under the tread and are specifically designed to reinforce the body plies in order to hold the tread flat on the road. Belts help to resist damage to the tire.

Tires also have a casing which is the main part of the tire that consists of wire beads and body plies. The inner liner is a layer of compounded rubber that forms the inside of a tubeless tire. This part actually helps to keep the air in your tires.

Plus sizing is how you can change the look and performance of your vehicle. There are basically three categories of plus sixing. There is Plus Zero, Plus One, and Plus Two. Light truck tires are normally made of nylon or polyester cords which are what is used to form the body of your tires.

Your tread will vary ad depends on what type of vehicle you have and what you do in your vehicle.

Tires for commercial use are going to be more durable and heavy duty than the ones designed for use by passenger vehicles. They tend to be stronger and have a higher ply count. They also have more aggressive treads than the ones designed for your average vehicle. They are also more stiff and not as flexible so they can keep up to the demands that the vehicles using these types of tires need.